Life-Style NewBorn Photography

I absolutely adore Jennifer with JellyBean Pictures .
I first came across her work about a year ago, before I even got into Photography. At that time, I didn't think I could do anything with "my style" of how I envisioned filming newborns. Seeing her work was like a breath of fresh air. You DON'T have to pose newborns with their hands cupped under their chin, or perfectly curled up in a basket. While I do LOVE the boutique, posed's not me. I fumble, stumble & I feel nervous trying to photograph a newborn that way. 

Jennifer wrote a terrific article for i heart faces this morning. I urge you to check it out! When it comes to filming newborns, Lifestyle is definitely my style and I trust that when a client comes to me for newborn pictures, they believe in me! 

Nothing is more precious than capturing a brand new baby "in the raw" their natural environment at home. 


  1. I loved that article! It really inspired me, too! You did a great job, beautiful images!

  2. I hadn't seen some of these yet! Love them!

  3. Thank you, Jessica!

    Thanks Katie!