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...About 6 weeks ago our Church, Valley Real Life, started a Thursday night service. We tried it out along with my sister, her husband, and some good friends of ours. And I have fallen in love with Church on Thursday nights. It frees up an entire day for my family to spend together {I do not schedule shoots on Sunday}. We are so busy with hubby working full time, being a SAHM while running my small photography hobby-business from home, swim lessons, soccer practice, soccer games, and the shoots I have during the week/Saturday's.

Our Sunday mornings have become lazy mornings where we lounge around and just enjoy time spent together. This morning, we decided to go exploring and for a walk/hike. It was great. While we were taking in God's beauty, I was just overcome with fulfillment and knowing how incredibly blessed I am. 
While hearing over the weekend, that close friends of close friends of ours lost their husband/father/son/brother unexpectedly at the age of 38..leaving behind a wife and 2 young children..I am overcome with the realization that we are not guaranteed tomorrow. So I urge you to take advantage of the time you have with your loved ones. Please hug them a little tighter today. I know I did. Please, even though you or I do not know this family...please be praying for them. I can't even imagine waking up tomorrow and becoming a widow with 2 young kids to raise on my own. Please pray for peace, strength, guidance and understanding for his wife and children. 

Just a few iPhone pictures from our time this morning.  
{this is why photography is such a passion of mine... I want to remember all of these cherished moments. I know these aren't 'perfect' pictures...but they are of a moment that happened that I want to remember. Life isn't perfect and if we wanted for the perfect moment in order to capture memories..we never would}

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