Sneak Peak ~ Baby K | Eastern WA Newborn Photographer

 She is such a beautiful baby! She was awake almost the entire session..but did SO well! I am completely done having children {my 2 keep me busy enough!}...but she could give anyone baby fever! I'm going to warn picture over-load here, but I can't help myself. I just loved this session so much! Her parents are such a nice couple. They totally made me feel welcome and didn't mind one bit as I moved & re-arranged part of their living room...they gave me run of the place! My approach to newborn photography is more Lifestyle than anything else. Instead of all the popular poses out there, I want to capture baby as they truly are. Don't get me wrong..I LOVE the baby poses, but it's just not "me". I am SO looking forward to filming Baby "K" again in the future! 

Here is her debut...

By The Book...

...Yesterday I had my first newborn shoot of 2012! Such a sweet family with 2 adorable little girls. Baby Girl's Sneak Peak will be posted later today, but I have to share one of Big Sister first. She did so good during our photo shoot. And the end, I was able to shoot a few photos of her reading a book. And she was so animated while doing so! 
This morning, I read my e-mail from i heart faces & it turned out that the photo challenge of this week is "By The Book"..perfect! 
Check back for Baby Sister's debut later on today!

Florabella 24 | Holding an Object

This title actually works as a double post! I have Valentine Day Mini Sessions set up for Saturday, Jan. 28th and due to the weather we are having and what the forecast is calling for, I am leaning towards holding them indoors. I have amazing natural light in my front room, so I was testing out a few spots..with my son's help! This was not a "Session" he was not dressed for photos, but it will do! 
I am so excited for the V-Day Mini Sessions! I think they will be a lot of FUN! 

Florabella 24 | Tradition

The past 2 days we've been getting dumped snow. 
After running a quick errand {which involves some cute wooden sayings for the Valentine Mini shoot}, the kids wanted to play around outside. Who could blame them? As a kid, I would've loved playing in the snow too. I grew up in California though..and we didn't get snow ;) 
We pulled the sleds out of the garage and had a blast...they were SO excited and ready to go!
 Of course afterward, they need Hot Cocco to warm up! 

Florabella 24 | Perspective

the state of existing in space before the eye
I almost thought we would skate by without snow this winter. Living in the Inland Northwest..that might've been a little impossible. Well, as the last few days have was. The ground is covered in a blanket of snow..while it's's freezing out. 
After picking my little one up from school...we came inside to our warm house {which I will never take for granted!}..and she was gazing out the window at that blanket of snow. So calm & peaceful. 

What to Wear Guide ~ January 2012

...a BIG Thank You to Corina Nelson Photography for releasing her What to Wear Guides for January 2012! The #1 question I get from clients is "What should we wear?"..I always tell my clients to chose something they feel comfortable in, coordinate but don't do "matchy matchy"accessorize & add a little color to "Pop" from the location {especially in our winter months when the lighting is so flat}. 
These guides give great examples of coordinating and style. Of course you have to change them up to fit the elements...add a pea coat, scarf, gloves, fun hats, etc. 
Another great tip is choosing your children's clothing first, then outfitting yourself and significant other based on pulling a color or 2 from the kiddos clothing!  

Florabella 24 | Self Portrait

....ok, it's Self Portrait time again in the Photo Challenge. I am terrible at taking Self Portrait's..probably because I don't have tri-pod or remote, so I never do more than a "camera in the shot" type of Self Portrait. But I guess it works...because really, my camera is part of who I am. {Yup...I should've Photoshop a few wrinkles out!}


Valentine's Day Mini Session | Special's that time again! The Valentine's Day Mini Session will be 1 of 2 Mini Sessions I plan on holding this year! The special cost is only $50!  {normal rate for mini session is $100}

The location for mini sessions will be e-mailed to participants. I do plan on holding the sessions outdoors, weather permitting. If it's too cold, I most likely can do an indoor location {set up in my home}
We'll have fun chairs, benches, old chest, heart shaped pillow and chalkboard..and of course, a treat for the little ones! 
Book now! Only 6 spots available! 

Florabella 24:1 | Morning

Last year, I attempted a Project 52...and I failed. This year, I'm going to participate in Project 24 by Florabella! No deadline, on your own speed, submit as you type of speed! Ha! 
The first subject is Morning. Easy enough to do. My style of Photography is very much Lifestyle..not a lot of props n' stuff. 
Just capturing children as they are...they way they should be remembered. 
Peanut and Monkey sitting in bed, reading our Daily Devotional. Not posed...just captured. Hair not perfect, PJ's on, bed a mess...Life.

The "L" Family ~ Sneak Peak | North Idaho Photograher

I've been so bad about updating my blog lately! I'll blame it on the New Year/Holiday busy-ness! My goal this year is to utilize my blog/site instead of using my FB page to advertise, do all my updates on. 

Yesterday was a quick mini session, which I will be offering new this year! Last year, I only ran one Mini Session special in the Fall and will run a few "specials" during the year as well. {Stay tuned as a Valentine Session is the first "special" of the year!} But, you can book at anytime, a mini session! These sessions are perfect for kids, siblings, or just when you want a few family pictures to update your walls. 

This little girl is a mover and a shaker! She kept me on my feet, but is oh so precious! Her mama is gazing at her in such a sweet, loving way. It pulls on my heart strings! 

KC & Family...Thank You so much for the opportunity to film your family! I look forward to a Full Family Session this Spring/Summer! 

Isn't she a dollface?!...{and her eyes really are THAT blue! I didn't touch them at All in editing!}

Happy New Year!

...Wow! I can hardly believe it's 2012! 
I would love, love to win this lens! 

Happy New Year! 
I'll be back soon with an official New Year's post as well as the latest sneak peaks!